We're a team of peers on a bold mission: to make friend to friend payments simple, safe and fun.

Moneypool is growing fast

30% month over month growth is just the start.
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Our opportunity

We empower friends to stop worrying about who pays what. By building software that makes friend to friend payments simpler, we can help to eliminate the infamous phrase "can I pay you later?". It’s our chance to save friendships.

We’re off to a great start - over 100,000 users already use moneypool. But we have a long way to go. We have a considerable mission and an even bigger opportunity: to change the way friends think about money. We’d love your help.

Our promise

We endeavor to provide a hiring and working experience in which all people feel they are equally respected and valued. We’re not looking for “employees” we’re looking for teammates.

Our culture

We consider ourselves a team of peers more than a company. A sense of mutual respect permeates our culture - in fact, it’s the key to our success.

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Mindfulness, egolessness, and pragmatic craftsmanship are core to our culture—from daily interactions to how we get things done.

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Mentorship, honest feedback, and free executive coaching help us grow in all directions, both professionally and personally.

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Transparency and autonomy

Moneypool runs on trust. Everyone is empowered to make decisions, communication is transparent, and we are obsessed with our own productivity.

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Exceptional benefits

We offer flexible vacation time, flexible hours, a remote friendly environment, and performance bonuses

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